by Antoine Lesur & Marc Venot | FRANCE

Hut is a joint project taking the form of a wall alcove enabling individuals to lean back for a moment’s privacy. The structure is supported on a steel mesh, lined with felt and with an outer shell of leather. Rather than an extended siesta, the concept focuses on the micro break, better adapted to today’s tightly-controlled office environment.

Antoine Lesur & Marc Venot &

Antoine Lesur (33) and Marc Venot (34) are independent designers based in Paris, where they collaborate regularly on specific projects. Each works for a range of different manufacturers, and each makes a point of highlighting the importance of design as a central aspect of the manufacturing process.

The inspiration for your project?

The lack of spaces where people can take a break and shut themselves off for a few moments, for example in an office. When workplace areas set aside for relaxation are too clearly defined, they tend be deserted, because employees don’t want to look ‘lazy’. So we created a space where people can take time out without relaxing completely or dozing off. Our project is a wall alcove that allows the user to lean back for a moment’s privacy. The structure is lined with felt and clad in leather, over a steel mesh. The idea is to create a space for micro-breaks rather than a siesta.

Being a designer today means…?

Being highly motivated, and eternally optimistic. Working to persuade people every day, being constantly active, communicating, a great deal. Things are evolving in the right direction: more and more businesses are realising that design is not an optional cost, but an investment for the long term.’

‘Time to yourself’ in three words?

Suspension, interiority, intensity.

photos Marc Domage © Fondation d'entreprise Hermès, 2014