Jeux de mains

by Colin Peillex | SWITZERLAND

Entitled Jeux de mains (‘handplay’), his design for the Prix Émile Hermès features a set of desk accessories, each incorporating a double function. The pencil-sharpener becomes a game of cup-and-ball, the rubber can be used to fire elastic bands, and the ball-point pen clip holds a paper plane. Amusing new ways to invite a moment of playful relaxation in the heart of the workspace.

Colin Peillex

Swiss designer Colin Peillex (23) is currently in his third year at ECAL in Lausanne. His diploma piece is a new type of work-desk for the home, easily dismantled and re-assembled, reflecting his core concept of furniture that adapts easily to today’s increasingly nomadic contemporary life - styles.

The inspiration for your project?

One day, when I was thinking about the project, I left my classroom to take a break. When I got back, my neighbour had scattered my desk with ‘confetti’ from my hole puncher. I thought it was a poetic, charming thing to do. So I began to devise games connected with the world of work. I listed the objects on my desk which could be used in two ways, like a pencil sharpener transformed into a cup-and-ball game.

Being a designer today means…?

Accompanying our changing world, giving shape to new ideas and ideologies. Answering questions, but raising them, too.

A vision of ‘Time to yourself’?

Being able to distract yourself. Letting your mind wander, to explore new areas of the imagination.

Your own ‘me-time’?

I live in Geneva and study in Lausanne, so I spend about an hour a day on the train. My journeys are a great opportunity for a moment’s solitude and privacy, during which I try not to think about work, but to reflect on other things.

photos Marc Domage © Fondation d'entreprise Hermès, 2014