by Sander Brouwer & Mara Ribone | ITALY

Solitude is a joint project for a wooden public bench incorporating space for just one occupant. The designers’ concept focuses on a moment of solitude in the urban environment, where a genuinely quiet place to sit is becoming a luxury. The seat can be adapted to a range of iconic design forms.

Sander Brouwer & Mara Ribone &

This design duo met as students at the Domus Academy in Milan. Mara (40) is from Argentina, and Sander (34) is from Holland. Both now work in Italy as design consultants for a range of international clients.

The inspiration for your project?

We were interested in the fact that most people sit down to rest on a public bench only if it’s completely unoccupied. The irony of that led us to explore in greater depth the idea of the single occupancy of a bench originally designed for sharing.

Being a designer today means…?

Being able to tell a story through a product that tells us everything about itself. We are aways working to establish an emotional connection and interaction between people and objects.

A vision of ‘Time to yourself’?

So many of us now live in overpopulated cities. Even finding a place to sit down alone for a few moments is a luxury.’

photos Marc Domage © Fondation d'entreprise Hermès, 2014