A Space to think

by Ania Rosinke | AUSTRIA

Entitled A Space to think, her project is a simple, lightweight wooden day-bed inspired by Japanese aesthetics. The piece incorporates adjustable textile screens conceived as miniature partitions, allowing the user to create their own private space – somewhere to relax and let the mind roam free.

Ania Rosinke

Vienna-based designer Ania Rosinke, aged 28, creates design and interior architecture projects, taking a conceptual and eco-friendly approach rooted in artisan skills. With her colleague Maciej Chmara, she is the co-founder of design studio chmara.rosinke. She is currently planning to open a second studio, in Warsaw.

The inspiration for your project?

I’m very interested in nomad textiles. In some nomadic homes, textile panels serve as partitions and sound insulation, but they function as symbolic ‘separators’, too. I wanted to work on the feeling of security, so essential for relaxation. And so I created a day bed in wood, fitted with textile panels that can be positioned over it. The panels define a psychologically private space. Depending on how they are positioned, they can indicate to others whether the user is available or not. This is a space for day-dreaming and letting your mind wander.

Being a designer today means…?

An ever-greater sense of responsibility. Designers should always see themselves as educators, whether they work for one individual or a large enterprise. We must strive to make the objects that surround us both aesthetic, and sustainable.

‘Time to yourself in three words?

Slow, minimal, safe.

photos Marc Domage © Fondation d'entreprise Hermès, 2014