by Sébastien Cordoleani | SPAIN

For the Prix Émile Hermès, Hush is linked to his work on new posture types. The seating offers multiple positions, inspired by its identity as ‘a ‘hybrid rocking-chair and hammock’, in the designer’s words. The leather encasing the piece is laser-cut and stitched directly onto the steel frame, the key to its elegant appearance, robust strength and soft feel.

Sébastien Cordoleani

35-year-old designer Sebastien Cordoleani has worked solo for the past four years, dividing his time between Paris and Barcelona. His creations have been produced by Ligne Roset, Gandia Balsco and Moustache, and he is currently designing bamboo objects for the National Taïwan Craft Research and Development Institute, working closely with artisans on a day-to-day basis, to evolve new working methods..;

The inspiration for your project?

This chair is part of my exploration of how we use furniture, and my research into new postures in contemporary life. It allows the user to adopt a multitude of different postures, making it a sort of hybrid object, part hammock, part rocking-chair. It’s a space for reading or dozing. It’s distinct from everyday furniture types, and it invites other uses, more in tune with our current lifestyles. The leather cladding is laser-cut and stitched directly onto the steel structure. This is what gives the object its elegance, strength and soft feel.

Being a designer today means…?

Knowing how to ask the right questions and provide elegant solutions. We are experiencing a pivotal period in design history: the barriers between the different players are breaking down. More and more designers are producing their own items, working “hand in hand” with artisans rather than large-scale industrial producers.

Your vision of ‘Time to yourself’?

A chance to look inwards, while not cutting yourself off completely. Taking a moment to breathe.

Your own ‘me-time’?

Fleeting, furtive instants, when whatever I’m doing is interspersed with a moment’s contemplation. It often happens when I’m reading, for example.

photos Marc Domage © Fondation d'entreprise Hermès, 2014