La Capsule ventilée 

by Johan Brunel & Samuel Misslen (Atelier jes) | FRANCE

La Capsule ventilée, is a wooden cabin with natural ventilation thanks to a chimney extractor and air vents in the lower part of the structure. Inside the space, a net forms a hammock for siestas and relaxation.

Johan Brunel & Samuel Misslen (Atelier jes)

Johan Brunel and Samuel Misslen (both aged 37) began working together in Paris as Atelier jes in 2003. Since meeting in the metal workshop at the Ecole Olivier de Serres, the duo has achieved recognition for their prototypes and interactive machines for museums such as France’s Cité des Sciences or the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace. For the past two years, they have focused on furniture design and micro-architectural structures.

The inspiration for your project? The inspiration for your project?

We created a capsule in response to a public commission for a naturally-ventilated unit in the entrance hall of an apartment on the island of Réunion. That project – not yet realised – consists of a wooden cabin which amplifies the natural convection phenomenon found in air. Inside our Capsule, the occupant feels insulated from the surrounding space, and protected. It’s ventilated by an extractor pipe and air vents in the lower part of the structure. Inside, a net serves as a hammock for siestas or relaxation. After a few minutes, the air is drawn up into the extractor pipe and the ventilation is activated. The occupant feels a gentle current of air. It’s a sensory experience above all. The space invites the user to do nothing, and contemplate the moment.

Being a designer today means…?

Devoting all your energy to finding a concrete form for your ideas, creating optimistic, hugely attractive projects that incite others to make them a part of their lives.

A vision of ‘Time to yourself’?

It’s a challenge nowadays. We have to overcome the dread of boredom, and dare to do nothing as a conscious, profitable choice. Our capsule is a space that invites contemplation, inactivity and sheer sensory pleasure.

Your own ‘me-time’?

Johan Brunel: I come from Finland, so the sauna is very important for me. I built my own sauna out in the country. It’s a special place in which to cleanse the body and mind.

photos Marc Domage © Fondation d'entreprise Hermès, 2014