Window Seat

by Kelvin Lim | SINGAPORE

Window Seat explores the limits of private space. Lim’s armchair creates a private window space, made from tubular steel and concealed behind a curtain of elastic cords.

Kelvin Lim

Based in his native city of Singapore, Kelvin Lim (36) trained as an architect before founding his own design agency, Materium, in 2012. In addition, he creates his own product designs and art installations, together with private homes, and a boutique hotel.

The inspiration for your project?

I’ve always been intrigued by the boundaries of the private sphere – a subjective notion that changes from person to person. For this project, I wanted to work on the concrete expression of that boundary, by creating a space that’s also a seat. The armchair becomes a kind of extension of the window in space. It’s made from steel tubes, hidden behind a curtain of elastic cords. It’s part of an interior, yet it’s an outdoor space at the same time (when the window is open). This ambiguity offers a brief sense of privacy and insularity.

Being a designer todays means…?

Conceptualising ideas, but also creating life-sized designs. Engaging with production processes is essential.

A vision of ‘Time to yourself’?

Today, we no longer need to retreat behind thick walls or into some distant forest to make time for ourselves. My design offers a moment’s isolation, with a play on the blurring of indoor and outdoor space.

photos Marc Domage © Fondation d'entreprise Hermès, 2014